Evan Skinner

Evan Skinner Hi,

Let me introduced myself. My name is Evan Skinner. I grew up in the province but I live in London for the last 10 years. I have studied in the UK capital and I have worked here and there.

Years ago when I was just a student I was feeling lonely and I desperate needed some company. So I looked for London escorts. Wow, at that time the escorting service was something for the rich and richest. Prices were over £200 for one hour. You could hardly find a girl to come to your address for less than £150. There were not many agencies, that were online and you never know what girl will come. Anyway later when online escorts in London became popular I start working for one of them as a driver. So I had an inside eye for the details and I was shocked how much money the agency takes for themselves. From these £150 they give the girls £50 and the driver £25. So the greedy bastards keep for themselves £75, which is half of what the final customer is charged. That’s why I could rarely afford to have a company, that’s where all my money have been going all that time. And there was something like an unspoken rule, they all keep the same prices.

At that time I decided that I want to offer the cheapest rates per hour on the market and to deliver good services at the same time. Of course I wanted to make some money too, but my main drive force was the desire to make all these greedy bastards to lower their prices and to think more about how to deliver better services. To make them all optimise the price. That is how I changed the market in London and how you can see now many cheap escorts in the city.

Sincerely Your,
Evan Skinner


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