Why Are Men So Attracted To Hot Lesbians ?

Why men love hot lesbians so much ? The curiosity of straight men at the idea of hot lesbians is a well know, and for many women, annoying behavior. No, hot lesbians aren’t just waiting for a guy to join them. Freud once remarked that the majority of men start off believing that their own mothers must be virgins. A piece of primitive, unconscious nonsense they then project onto other women. This creates a lot of guilt around sex. In adolescence, women can seem the more reluctant party as though sex were the man’s dirty idea. If lesbianism is the exciting, it’s because it proves lesbian girlsincontrovertible that sex isn’t just some primitive dirty male thing. It’s something that women want as badly and as intensely as men do. So event if men happen to be excluded from this particular instance of female desire, they gain relief from seeing that they are clearly not the only ones who want sex in general. A burden of guilt is thereby removed, which can spill over into irritating puppyish excitement. But the real thrill for men isn’t the fantasy that hot lesbians are going to sleep with them, it’s the proof that women are just as interested in sex as they are. Which to a lot of men, remains a remarkable novel and comforting bit of news.

Why do hot lesbians dress like men ?

What are hot lesbians supposed to dress like? Pretty sure that hot lesbians wearing pants wasn’t even a thing until like nineteen, forties or fifties. I’m almost positive it was Coco Chanel that started erotic lesbiansdo that. The biggest problem is that people have with hot lesbians wearing men’s clothes other than people liking to put people in just a box anyway.  Is that hot lesbians aren’t as sexualized when they’re wearing men’s clothes unless you just gave a fetish for women wearing men’s clothes. Most of the time men’s clothing cover you up more, so women are as sexualized when they walk down the street and men looking at them. It’s kind of strange too isn’t it because if you cover up too much then you must have body image issues and if you show too much your whore. I think the best thing to do is to ask you “why do you dress this way ?”. I mean there’s a few reasons “why hot lesbians wear men’s clothing ?” but I think it just has to do with my tomboy sorting side of me and just like to be comfortable. But also I like to show that aggressive dominant side of me. I like to express that because that’s a big trade in my personality. Is it actually body image issues that make women dressed this way ? I don’t think so. I think it’s actually kind of similar mindset to being trends. You feel starting blonde lesbiansright inside and you want to express that outside. It’s not that you don’t love your body it’s that you are choosing to express that love for your body in a different way. The same goes for drag queens which are men that dress in women’s clothing or anybody that dress is differently. The funny thing about this is that a lot of studs or push girls that dress masculine. You know that people think that are automatically dominant are not always the dominant one, hot lesbians could also be the passive one but then again what does domination mean anyway. Some hot lesbians just are really sexy in men clothes. I would hope that you dress yourself in clothes that make you feel most confident. Dressing yourself often close to hide your lack of confidence. Just because you choose to show less of your body does not mean that you are ashamed of it.

Why hot lesbians are much better than boys at picking up sexy girls ?

I wouldn’t surely say that guys are less able to picking up beautiful girls than hot lesbians are. But for some reason there pick up lines just look way better on us. Hot hot lesbianslesbians can offer them things what boys can’t. Like our spot in the bathroom line. Hot lesbians are much better at starting conversations. They’re not worried about “Oh what am I going to say, what am I going to do?”. Hot lesbians just do it with easy. If you go out and meet a woman and it goes badly, you’re annoyed no big deal. If you go out and meet a man and it goes badly, the next day he’s wearing a skin suit with your skin, your heads in a bad and he is doing jump rope with your tongue. If you want to pick up a woman, just ask her out for ice cream. Because of she doesn’t want ice cream, then she’s probably someone you don’t want to hangout with anyway.  We can read her like a book and give her exactly what she wants. Hot lesbians have many advantages over men. We can do all the old school gentleman stuff where if a guy did it. The girl might be like “Does he even believe in my right to vote ?“. Hot lesbians make the best wing-woman because having a lesbian at your side is sending out a bat signal that say this dude is not an idiot. And it’s cute lesbianskinda like basketball. They already know all your plays so hot lesbians are just passing back the ball so you can make the shot. You can tell a straight woman is in to you if she goes really far out her way to let you know she is so straight. Flash forward, they have a couple of drinks and then all of a sudden they let you know they experimented in college just a little bit. 

Turn a lesbian back onto the straight path ?

It happens all the time in the LGBT community. I’m not talking about the trans community. Why is there men that try to “Turn a lesbian back onto the straight path” ? When they have just come beautiful lesbiansout as a lesbian. Everyone knows that the reason why men do it is because it’s more of a challenge for them. They’re gonna try to convince them somehow to go back to dating men. What if you’re trying to flirt with the lesbian veteran ? She’s know her whole life that she doesn’t like men. If she doesn’t like men for her whole life then she’s sure as hell not gonna like them now. Men have to realize that scientific researches proved that you’re born gay that you’ve been like that your whole life. If you’re a lesbian you’re that way for the rest of your life. Yes there are some hot lesbians that might down the road. But men really have to stop thinking that they can somehow work their way around or talked their way to getting a lesbian to try to give hottest lesbiansthem a chance. Guys you’re wasting your time because a sexy lesbian who is only dated women, her whole life is not going to come after you. It would save you a lot last time and energy to just leave hot lesbians alone and to respect them for their sexuality. A lot of straight men that try to flirt with hot lesbians don’t think with their brain they think with their penis and that’s what gets them into a lot of troubles. One of the main reasons “why hot lesbians want to be with another woman ?” is because women can connect emotionally better on another level. Some guys are like “Oh…. you want to talk about your feeling but I don’t want to talk about that“. Men can get annoying talk about your feelings. Hot lesbians want to be affectionate and they care more about the emotionally affected.