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I am here to offer you cheap escorts in London for just £80 per hour. This is not a scam, this is the true price!

Brunette London EscortWe own another popular website xLondonEscorts.co.uk but because we have been attacked by hackers, who work for our competitors our website is going down in Google search results and so we made this one. They try to push us out of the first results so they can control the market and the prices. Because with us on first page, they could never make a sell of their overpriced services! So if we are there they have to offer cheaper escorts and they don’t like that. Without us on first page, they can offer much higher prices.

X London Escorts is the same company, the same services, the same girls and the same prices.

Cheaper Prices

Proud To Bring Prices Down

We are proud to become famous around London for introducing the cheapest price of just £80 per hour for an escort. X London Escorts made a lot of enemies in the business, as those greedy escort agencies lost many customers because of our cheap prices. And they are not happy, but at the end they had to lower their prices too. And that was the final goal of my project. All I wanted was to lower the prices and get you some great service at a much cheaper price. So I did it.

We all hate to pay much more than something is worth it.

This applies to everything. We hate when we know that something actual cost is much lower, but we can’t find it on the market for its real value. We all know that the girls who work like escorts in London are taking around £50 per hour of their services. So why should we pay the agency who promote them £130 and more? I have answered this question two years ago: You do not have to. Our price is optimised as much as possible, so the girls are still receiving the same money, they would in another agency, and her transport still cost the same, but the big difference comes from our commission. We take only a small amount for advertising and promoting our website. This allows us to give you the cheapest price ever on the market of just £80.

London escorts for just £80 per hour and NOT a penny more!

That’s a personal promise from me and my team. We will never charge you anything on top of that. Sexy Brunette GirlIf someone actually tries to ask you for more, please call us and give us his/her name and we will sort this out. The price includes the girls company for one hour and her transport to your place or anywhere in London. So you don’t need to think of anything else. Just chose the girl that you like and call us on 07712 102 611.

All You Need Is To Choose Your Girl

We have tried to make this easy. There are two galleries. One is called Todays Escorts and the other All Escorts. There you will find pictures of sexy girls. If you click on the picture you will see more pictures of that girl and some information about her. We know that sometimes the pictures can be confusing and you can’t actually imagine how tall she is, or what her hair colour and eyes are. So we provide this information in a simple table with stats about the girls. There you can also find some short description of her character, likes, dislikes, ambitions and other things that will make you feel her closer before you even met.

See Todays Escorts To Find Available Girls

To make it easier to you and to avoid disappointment when you want to meet a certain girl and find out that she is not even working Cheap Blond Escorttoday we separated the profiles in two categories. In Todays Escorts you will find the profiles of the girls that are working now. So when you chose an escort from this category you can be sure, that when you call us on 07712 102 611 you will not hear something like “Sorry she is in holidays” or anything similar. But if you go to All Escorts you can see all the girls that are working with us. For different reasons, some of them may not be available tonight, or even the whole week. They may have a weekend off, or a holiday. Some of them may be working somewhere else tonight and so on. But for example you want to see a picture of the escort that was with you last night and she is not in the Todays Escorts, go and check the All Escorts.

£80 Escorts Looks The Same As £150 Escorts

The girls on XLondonEscorts.com are gorgeous and you can see that by checking our galleries and all the profiles of our London escorts. All pictures are genuine and you will always meet the girl that you see on the picture. We have experience and we know our competitors. Many of them tend to show you some amazing pictures of models, and they send you completely different girls. But we are different. We always send what you see. And we guarantee you that our £80 London escorts don’t look cheaper and won’t serve you cheaper that the £150 by our competitors. The only difference is the price, not the quality, not the look. Just the price!

Go on! Don’t be shy! For £80 per hour, London escorts are something that every man can afford to try. Some may try it once, some may have it every week, some may enjoy their company every day. For just £80 you can have a great one hour with a sexy girl anywhere in London and the surrounding areas. An experience you will remember…with good. A normal date usually cost you much more, doesn’t it? And it can go so wrong some times. With X London Escorts, nothing can go wrong.

Call Now On 07712 102 611

We are working all day and night to deliver the cheapest escorts to your doorsteps. Just call us on 07712 102 611 and tell us the name of the girl that you want to meet, when you want to meet her, and where. We will arrange everything for you. Our advisors are always waiting for your call. We will not miss your call. Don’t hesitate no matter of the time. You want to call us at 7 in the morning, we will be waiting for you. You need some company at 2 after midnight, no problem. We are here to serve you, so don’t be shy. On 07712 102 611 you can ask any questions you have about our services and the girls.

Thank you for being our customers
Sincerely Yours,
Evan Skinner