Do guys really like bad girls ?

So here’s a question why men like bad girls and do you have to be a bad girl to find true love and is there anything wrong with just plan on want to be a good girl ? Do bad girls really exist ? Bad girls not only exist but they’re increasing in number because it has to do with their childhood they grow up in a family and of course this is happening more now where there’s a dysfunctional bad-and-sexy-girlrelationship with their father, their father isn’t there, their father hurts them and that make them feel unlovable and then they usually go out and they start having relationships with nasty boys and then the nasty boys hurt them even more. So at some point they give up feeling as thought they’re going to get true love their hearts hardened and so then they decide they’re going to get something from a man if it’s not love they’re going to go after something else.

Do guys prefer good girls or bad girls ?

I think guys prefer bad girls and that is unanimously bad girls. The reason I say guys prefer bad girls is because men definitely prefer women who are sexy and definitely I do believe that men like good ladies qualities and definitely prefer bad girls. The bad girls is hot and sexy and fun and never boring. The sex is usually very very good with the bad girls and guys are definitely beautiful-bad-girlsexually motivated on the other hand the good girl are reliable and she can be trusted and you don’t have a lot of drama with the good girl and she likes to stay home and she likes to cock and she likes to clean and she is definitely more like the housewife. In general guys prefer the bad girls. I’ve seen so many times where men had a really good girl at home. Men definitely do appreciate those good girl qualities but in my opinion you have to be a good balance of booth. Males and females are not that different I know a lot of people talk about guys and ladies are away different but really ladies don’t want a boring guy who is too predictable and boring in bed and same with guys they do appreciate the housewife but they also want that spice and that sexiness and hotness. Finally if I have to pick between good girls or bad girls I know unanimously guys normally pick the bad girls so don’t ever leave that side out of you ladies.

Why do men always choose the bad girls ?

A big factor is media and the way that all these new reality shows and things like that and the ladies just seem to get all the attention are the ones that are the floozy wines cute-and-badbecause now you can have what you didn’t have in the past. If you didn’t have boobs now you can have them so what’s happening is the ladies can afford to do all these enhancements are getting further and further out than all the other ladies to are just be natural and normal are being passed along. The men going for you know what the hot new thing with boobs, lips, hair, extensions and everything. It’s hard for the nice ladies these days. We all want to chase with the men and women then we won a little later the chase and it does not challenge in life. What the excitement it’s like anything with whether it’s a sporting event or whether it’s a relationship but there’s no challenge in and then you’re gonna be bored. Everything in your life that you chase runs away. All women are bitches because they are too materialistic too beautiful but you are still going for those women.

The bad girls will always be bad girls

Can every good girl be a good housewife ? Every good girl is not a good housewife. Bad girls are the best housewife. What about it is that nobody really need them bad-girl-blondefor sure it’s one thing are least don’t know that. Personally I think what we call good ladies hypocrite – I don’t do, I shouldn’t do, I won’t do, I don’t trust you. I want you realize how you know it’s bad girls that get the good guys think about it. How can you be perfect ? Something is wrong you have a secret. You are serial killer! There is no such thing as bad girls gone good. Bad girls will always be bad girls. If you’re a good person is you’re very strict which means your very stubborn. I don’t think a stubborn girl is a good housewife in anybody’s book. Bad girls can be good housewife. She will have friends and you can’t say no to your friends. Your past is in your past and I can understand that. Bad girls can be good housewife not always and we don’t want your wife to be everybody girlfriend nobody wants that.

Secret love games for bad girls

All is fair in war and love so let the battle begins!
Never stop flirting: If he think that other guys are after you he will just want you even more. If there’s no one around you simply talking about other guys. It bad-ladyworks.
Play hard to get: If he calls you on the phone. Don’t rush to pick it up the phone. He’ll leave a voice mail but don’t reply for at least a couple of days if you make him think you’ve got more important things to do and he’ll just want you more.
Adulation: Tell him how good he is looking or something that make him feel good. “Adulation” works especially well when combined with “Play hard to get”.

Bad girls need love too!

I’m not guilty of it and second there’s a couple thing to it you know I’ve talked to some ladies about what does it take to get a good guy and you know bad-girlsdo i have to be certain way to get a guy. Let me go ahead and say you know of course I’m say one thing that’s the same thing I just told the guys – ladies you don’t have to change who you are in order to meet guys, guys are more you know straight up but some ladies I know one step out of a being looked at as a friend. Guys like to have women as friends but the truth be told this is issue that needs to be expressed but guys usually don’t have this kind of problem. The guys are more honest about it. Guys like bad girls that type of chicks you know men are honest about it. No offence ladies but there are a lot of women can be hypocrites about that other subject you know like I sad ladies claim that they want a good guy claim they want a nice guy but then in general they say they wanna

gentleman type guys like they see in the movies but then they see when he comes by they just you know “he’s my friend or he is my brother” . This is something needs to be talked about it we can’t just like it’s not bad-girlthere because it happens. Ladies again you don’t have to change who you are in order to get a guy, you just need to present yourself well. Guys will respect you as much as you respect yourself. Guys are more motivated by what they see and the main thing about this bad girls and stuff like that is to look attractive but look classy, look respectful. Here is another thing a lot of women need to be selective I mean you just can’t get every guy. Be careful what kind of guy you get.